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Seed Innovation Bootcamp

The Suzuki Innovation Centre (SIC) introduced the Seed Innovation Bootcamp with the objective of providing assistance to emerging entrepreneurs in the ideation stage. The Bootcamp, spanning a duration of 12 weeks, commenced on July 1, 2023, and concluded on September 24, 2023.


This initiative attracted 15 highly motivated and diligent young entrepreneurs from diverse countries such as India, Japan, and Afghanistan. Over the course of three months, these 15 entrepreneurs dedicated themselves to refining their ideas, ultimately formulating comprehensive business models for their

prospective startups.


SIC facilitated the participants with both theoretical and practical insights into entrepreneurship, imparted guidance on business model development, facilitated networking opportunities with founders from various domains, and provided support for conducting market research and building prototypes.


The culmination of the Bootcamp involved the selection of the most outstanding idea. During the final demonstration day on September 23, 2023, Picapool, a company led by Pranadipan Sahoo, emerged victorious, earning the coveted Best Idea Award. This accolade rendered Picapool eligible for a grant from SIC.

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