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Learn in Bharat IITH Day

We are thrilled to announce the success of “Learn in Bharat IITH Day” organized by SIC on 28th August, 2023.

The day was started by inauguration session where Prof. Kotaro Kataoka, Principal Investigator of SIC and Prof. B. Murty, Director of IIT-Hyderabad gave an extraordinary speech regarding the mission and vision of SIC. 

We are thrilled and honoured to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed Japanese delegates who graced the premises of the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad on that day! The occasion marked a pivotal Workshop dedicated to ideating solutions for the challenges faced in India. The atmosphere was charged with determination, evident in the focused expressions of all participants. While some teams ardently engaged in discussions, navigating the complexities of converging ideas, the majority echoed sentiments of gratitude, deeming the experience invaluable.

With utmost pride, we share greetings from the SIC, an embodiment of collaborative innovation. The cultural exchange dinner commenced with a solemn exchange of national anthems, setting a tone of mutual respect and camaraderie. The evening unfolded with captivating circles formed for teaching Bon Odori and Bharatanatyam dances, fostering a rich exchange of

cultural traditions.

An enchanting open mic singing session ensued, showcasing diverse talents and reinforcing the spirit of unity. As the night progressed, the atmosphere transformed into a lively disco, pulsating with the rhythm of both Japanese and Indian tunes. Remarkably, the energy transcended cultural boundaries, and everyone, irrespective of origin, danced in unison, creating an unforgettable experience. The convergence of these diverse elements exemplified the strength of cultural exchange

and collaboration.

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